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Are you arware of the harmful effects  that some of today’s sanitary napkins and tampons may have on women’s bodies? 

Did you know that in the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not require companies to list the ingredients contained in sanitary napkins and tampons, yet the average woman uses more than 15,000 sanitary napkins, or has a tampon inside of her, for more than 100,000 hours over her lifetime? 

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Cherish Premium Sanitary Napkins

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Ladies, we no longer have to suffer in silence!  There is help for us! Try Cherish Premium Sanitary Napkins today!

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Join the global mission to saving lives!  Say "NO" to traditional sanitary napkins or tampons and "YES" to Cherish!

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We are very proud and cherish all the  testimonials received.  Read what women all across the world are saying about their Cherish experience.  

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