Meet the CEO

Chantelle Nickson-Clark


Chantelle Nickson-Clark is the founder of The Pink Angels Foundation.  An organization that provides resources to women diagnosed with breast cancer.  In fact, she too is an 8-year breast cancer survivor.  A familiar story she once lived, losing both her mother and aunt to breast cancer. She also, stood side by side with two cousins as they to survived breast cancer and a sister who endured countless surgeries due to testing positive for the BRCA1 gene mutation.  After her diagnosis, Chantelle Nickson-Clark has turned her pain into passion and made a high- level commitment in raising awareness against breast cancer through partnerships, connecting women with free mammogram, monthly support sessions, promoting genetic testing, and case study participation across the nation.     

Philanthropy and Community Outreach


Chantelle Nickson-Clark, continues to influence women in her community through motivational speaking on health and wellness.  She has been nationally recognized by many various media outlets such as, featured on the cover of Breast Cancer Wellness Magazine, Huffington Post, Pynk Magazine, and Black Doctor. Chantelle Nickson-Clark has also received several awards for her tireless efforts to those diagnosed with breast cancer. Through her organization she continues to add value to one’s life through her countless hours of support for each one of her Pink Angels.  In her attempt to eliminate any financial hardship or burdens that may arise during treatment. Chantelle Nickson-Clark attends chemotherapy, radiation treatments, surgeries, provides limited assistance, groceries, and more to her pink angels.  She continues to walk side by side with women until they reach the finish line of survivorship.  It is her mission and vision that one day a cure will be found. 

Speaking Opportunities

For more information regarding speaking opportunities or appearances, email or call 314-399-9152.